Relevance of travel in Architect’s career

Architecture is an applied art. Architects are both artists and engineers. Like all artists they hit an artist block at some point in life. Aesthetics is a core part of their thinking. With design after design, it wears our thin. They suffer from acute lack of inspiration, real quick. Though their work is about the abstract, they can find inspirations everywhere. Traveling to places with architectural brilliance restores that spark. Architecture trip is almost the same as history trip. Similarly, travelling to malls around the world packs you with tons of ideas on spatial functionality. You need to understand the nuances of architecture to get more clarity on this topic.


Everything is designed for someone or some purpose. The buildings are designed to appeal to someone. It may appeal to its owner, the observers or both. Every building or city we enter is a design. All concrete structures are designed and built. Some designs stand the test of time. They exist as a living inspiration for future trends. A trip to Paris or Venice or Cairo is a dream come true for architects. Such cities serve as a huge database of designs. They draw their architectural brilliance from those centuries old designs.


Travel does inspire every architect’s design. It’s impossible for them to have a blind eye to architectural brilliance on sight. They don’t necessarily transform completely. Architects collect and recollect their experiences. They put it on paper at some point. Creativity is often inspired by travel. It’s why people frequent shows from Lonely Planet. Architects document their travel and experiences. Their drawings are their journal. Designs are their language. If you are an architect you can relate to that. It’s one reason why architect travel blogs just enjoy niche popularity. The experiences are seldom put in words but presented as drawings.

Social Media

Most architect travelers take to social media to document their experiences. They have populated Instagram with accounts and pictures. Most architects make their Instagram account as their portfolio. They record their inspired designs there with references. You can notice their unique pattern of posting selected pictures after tour. Plenty of designs are shared across Twitter and Facebook too. Reddit has some niche subs on this. Most of these social networks accommodate travel, photography and art tags. Architecture travelers are a niche group. They have interactions with the general public too. Nevertheless, their line of art lies in an isolated space, even in social media.


Travelling is a part of every architecture student’s life. As they mature in their profession, they get to travel the world. They need to explore along with people living in the other side of the globe. Architects cannot live under a rock. They need to come out of the bubble. It’s about exploration more than anything else. It’s not just about examining the buildings. It is about reading into how people interact with the environment. Architects get more competitive via traveling. Some of the cities that every architect must visit to improve their caliber are Barcelona, Chicago, Havana, Toronto, etc…